Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy Sleeping Bags: "The Backside -30 degrees Ice X X-Fibre Mummy Bag
Retail price: $158.00
Our price: $113.00"

Coleman Sleeping Bags

Coleman Sleeping Bags: "Coleman Sleeping Bag -5� Mountain Lodge

Retail price: $129.95
Our price: $85.95"

Coleman Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sleeping Bag: "Coleman 30� Scotia Sleeping Bag

Retail price: $44.95
Our price: $29.15"

Coleman Sleeping Bags

Coleman Sleeping Bags: "Shop for Coleman Sleeping bags including the new adjustable comfort for a range of temperature ratings. "

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy Sleeping Bags: "Black Pine Sports 10 degree Nirvana Mummy Sleeping Bag
Retail price: $80.00
Our price: $66.00

Black Pine Sports 20 degree Graystar Mummy Bag
Retail price: $76.00
Our price: $63.00

Black Pine Sports -10 degree BlackStar Mummy Bag
Retail price: $96.00
Our price: $80.00"

Square Sleeping Bags

Square Sleeping Bags: "Black Pine Sleeping Bags - Classic Square 0 degrees and Below

Black Pine Sleeping Bags - Classic Square for above 0 degrees "

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags: "The sleeping bags that we currently offer are from Coleman, Grizzly and Black Pine Sports.
We also have several brands of 2 person sleeping bags. Or for couple camping, you could buy two like sleeping bags that zip together to make a queen-size bag.

Maybe you'd prefer cozy Down Sleeping Bags, or Mummy Bags or maybe a classic square sleeping bag with a hood."

Sleeping Gear | Camp Bedding

Sleeping Gear | Camp Bedding: "Coleman's sleeping gear includes an extensive sleeping bag line with a variety of sizes as well as mild, moderate and cold-weather versions. For the ultimate nighttime comfort, we recommend placing a sleeping bag on top of the QuickBed� airbed, which is six inches thick and has internal air coils for support. Twin, queen and king sizes are available, as is a special double-high version for a truly comfortable night."

Eureka Tents

Eureka Tents: "Eureka Tents have over 100 years of tent-making experience behind them. You may be interested in additional Information on Eureka Tents such as help in selecting a Eureka Tent or information about caring for your tent."

Coleman Sundome Tents

Coleman Sundome Tents: "In this section you'll find the Coleman Sundome tents, in addition to our other dome and backpacking tents. All of the tents in this section are Coleman tents for up to 4 people. If you don't find the Coleman tent you're looking for here, please check the Cabin/Family Tents as well."

Daypacks | Daypack

Daypacks | Daypack: "Here you'll find all of our daypacks, packs and fanny packs. Grab your daypack and load up your camera, maps and picnic lunch for a hike during the day."

Internal Frame Backpacks

Internal Frame Backpacks: "Internal frame backpacks generally fit better than external frame backpacks. This allows you to stay balanced because the load moves as you move and doesn�t sway or shift."

External Frame Backpacks

External Frame Backpacks: "External frame backpacks are better for carrying extra-heavy loads because they shift the backpack�s weight to the appropriate areas of the body, which allow for large bones and muscles to manage the load more efficiently."

Camping Backpacks

Camping Backpacks: "If you need hiking backpacks or you're looking for camping backpacks, we have the best from The Backside and offer internal frame backpacks.  "

Candle Lanterns | Candle Lantern

Candle Lanterns | Candle Lantern: "GSI Blue Candle Lantern

Retail price: $9.95
Our price: $6.95"

Princeton Tec Headlamps

Princeton Tec Headlamps: "Princeton Tec Predator Pro Headlamp

Retail price: $29.99
Our price: $22.45"

Coleman Flashlights | Coleman Flashlight

Coleman Flashlights | Coleman Flashlight: "We have Coleman Flashlights including Coleman 3D Nightsight flashlight, Coleman 2D Base Camp flashlight, Coleman 2D Outdoor Series Floating flashlight and more. We also have the Coleman for Kids Nightsight flashlight, so they can have one just like you! You'll find that in the Coleman Flashlights for Kids section."

Coleman Lanterns | Coleman Lantern

Coleman Lanterns | Coleman Lantern: "The Coleman lanterns in this section are operated with propane. You might also want to see the Coleman Gas Lanterns and Coleman Dual Fuel Lanterns."

Camping Lanterns | Outdoor Lanterns

Camping Lanterns | Outdoor Lanterns: "We offer several types of camping lanterns and outdoor lanterns. Since W.C. Coleman made the first one in 1901, Coleman has manufactured more than 50 million camping lanterns.
In this section, you'll also find battery operated camping lights including flashlights, lamps and headlamps. "

Rolling Cooler on wheels

Rolling Cooler on wheels: "Coleman 50 Quart Wheeled Ultimate Xtreme Cooler

Retail price: $54.99
Our price: $44.11"

Beverage Cooler

Beverage Cooler: "Coleman 150 Qt. Marine Polylite Cooler (White)

Retail price: $218.95
Our price: $136.35"

Coleman Cooler

Coleman Cooler: "Coleman 28 Qt. Ice Basket Chest Cooler (Red)

Retail price: $21.95
Our price: $15.95"

Coleman Coolers | Coleman Cooler every kind & size

Coleman Coolers | Coleman Cooler every kind & size: "We have Coleman Coolers of every kind. This section contains the Chest Coolers. If you don't find what you need in this section you might want to take a look at a Coleman Cooler on Wheels or a Coleman Stainless Steel Cooler. You might want to see the Coleman Personal Coolers, Thermoelectric Coolers, and Coleman Water Jugs too."

Coolers | Beer Cooler | Portable Cooler

Coolers | Beer Cooler | Portable Cooler: "You may need a beer cooler or a portable cooler --- we have every kind, including chest coolers, coolers on wheels, steel coolers, personal coolers, thermoelectric coolers and more! "

Camping Chairs

Camping Chairs: "Coleman Folding Deck Chair with Table for Camping

Retail price: $54.95
Our price: $37.95"

Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pit: "Camp Chef's Outdoor Fire Pit includes a grill top as well. This truly convenient outdoor fire pit will warm up the cool night in your backyard or while you're camping. This outdoor fire pit doesn't leave a trace behind."

Camping Lights | Battery Lantern

Camping Lights | Battery Lantern: "We have a variety of camping lights including battery operated lanterns and lights in this section. You may also want to take a look at the Camping lights and Lanterns in the main section as well."

Kid flashlight | Kid lantern

Kid flashlight | Kid lantern: "Coleman for Kids Camp Lantern

Retail price: $15.95
Our price: $10.95"

Camping Flashlights | Camping Flashlight

Camping Flashlights | Camping Flashlight: "Camping Flashlights are a necessity. We offer camping flashlights from Coleman and Princeton Tec. Take a look at the Coleman System 4 Total Camping Light Pack which includes a large flashlight, a pocket flashlight, and an AM/FM Radio."

Coleman Gas Lanterns

Coleman Gas Lanterns: "Coleman 2-Mantle Dual Fuel Lantern

Retail price: $89.95
Our price: $58.95"

Princeton Tec Flashlights | Princeton Tec flashlight

Princeton Tec Flashlights | Princeton Tec flashlight: "Which Princeton Tec Flashlight are you looking for? We offer Princeton Tec Impact, Impact XL, and Surge Flashlights and more."

Camping Tents

Camping Tents: "We offer a variety of camping tents from the popular brands of Coleman, Eureka and Black Pine Sports. You might be looking for family camping tents, backpacking tents or sundome tents. "

Coleman Tents

Coleman Tents: "Here you'll find a large selection of Coleman Tents, including Sundome, Weathermaster and Backpacking tents. All Coleman tents set up easily and in just a matter of minutes. With Coleman's exclusive WeatherTec system, these tents are guaranteed to keep you dry in inclement weather. Coleman offers more than a dozen models to choose from, including dome and cabin style tents and 1, 2 and 3 room versions."

Backpacking tents

Backpacking tents: "Black Pine Sports Four Pines Tent

Retail price: $198.00
Our price: $138.95"

Down Sleeping bags

Down Sleeping bags: "The Backside -50 degree Blue Ice Mummy Sleeping Bag
Retail price: $478.00
Our price: $341.50

The Backside -25 degree Sub Zero Mummy Bag
Retail price: $378.00
Our price: $270.00"

Kids Air Mattress

Kids Air Mattress: "Coleman for Kids Secret Sleeper QuickBed

Retail price: $29.95
Our price: $21.95"

Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pad: "The Backside Air Resterz 2'' Sleeping Pad

Retail price: $96.00
Our price: $68.50"

Camping Pads

Camping Pads: "Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad

Retail price: $40.00
Our price: $25.95"

Coleman Griddles

Coleman Griddles: "This section has Coleman Griddles. You also might want to check out our Camp Chef Griddles too!"

Camping Griddle

Camping Griddle: "How about a camping griddle to cook up some pancakes and bacon for breakfast? Which camping griddle is right for you? We offer both Camp Chef and Coleman."

Camping Utensils | Outdoor Cooking Utensils

Camping Utensils | Outdoor Cooking Utensils: "Camping Utensils including Coleman Stainless Steel Spatula, Coleman Stainless Steel Serving Spoon, Camp Chef Heat Resistant Gloves and more. You may also want to take a look at the
Campfire Cooking Supplies for cooking forks and other goodies, or the Camp Plates/Mugs/Utensils section for Camp Plates, Camp Enamel Dinnerware, Camping Mess Kits and more."